August 26, 2016

Copeland Grey (Little Woman #3)

Alright, I gave myself some time before being disappointed that I hadn't posted again sooner than now. I mean we did just have a baby. The third baby. There are children everywhere. 

Copeland Grey came to us on the last day of July (which was good, since I made myself a promise that I'd never be pregnant in August in Texas).

This lil' lady wasn't little! By my standards anyway. My first two girls were 6 and 7 lbs. 
Copeland was NINE. A full, even, NINE pounds. Needless to say the delivery was interesting. I won't bore you (unless you ask of course). My little large nugget is beautiful. Of course she is! 

I already miss the hospital...

And now for a photo apologies...

We are adjusting to life with 3 and trucking along just fine! I had evidently forgotten everything I love and loathe about newborns. She's delicious and I want to hold her all the time and let her sleep in my arms all the time...until about 10pm. Which is when SHE wants to be with me all the time. Sleeping is more difficult than I remember with the others. I guess I need to stop comparing. They are all so different. Things that worked for my big girls have been thrown out the window. She has definitely made it apparent that she's an individual even though she's the third girl.

Her nursery is pretty much complete! Even though I haven't taken many pictures of it. My MILove made us the most beautiful garland for above her crib!

I'll be trying to keep up with this blog and Copeland's world as much as possible!

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