November 30, 2012


A short and sweet introduction to our lil' family...

We decided to get a puppy when hubby returned from Africa on deployment and we were settled into our new digs in Mississippi. So we went shelter shopping...and stumbled upon this lil guy...

(The photo bomber kitty in the background is Harlem...she came with me as part of a package deal when hubby and I got married.)

We brought said puppy home and pretty quickly settled on "Max" and it fits him perfectly. He's a Rott mix (obviously). He settled in quite nicely. :)

When Max was almost a year old we (I) brought home a puppy, "Teagan", from the vet I was working at to foster it for a friend of ours for a bit. We (I) grew pretty attached to her and was sad to see her go after 3 months.
Max defintely grew attached to her and when we came home from Texas without her, he was a different we got him a friend! :)
I had always wanted a great dane and had been around several because of my job. I was somehow able to convince hubby that it would be a brilliant idea.
And thus, Evangeline entered into our lives, home and ultimately our hearts.

She and Max became fast friends and partners in crime. Lots and lots of crimes. :)

We had our sweet family of furry kiddos, until one day in June 2010...

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