September 12, 2012

Post Wedding Bliss

The now hubby and I were so excited to be married, even though we didn't have time or money for a honeymoon. He had to report to his new assignment in Gulfport in just a little over a week. The week after the wedding we were headed to Louisiana for the Joseph Family Thanksgiving! I was officially a Joseph now. :)
 His sweet family even threw a post wedding shower for us. (And for those who couldn't make it to the wedding.)

Hubby left for Mississippi soon after Thanksgiving, and we were apart for about two weeks. Fortunately, I got to fly in to New Orleans for his mom's cousin's wedding and he was able to meet us there!

He got to come home for Christmas and we were able to spend our first Christmas as a married couple together.

December 31st we loaded up my dad's trailer and our cars and headed for Mississippi. Our first apartment was a 680sqft teensy place. And we loved it.

Our first month living together was so much fun! We were in a new place and didn't really know anyone. We had to rely on each other so much! We thought we would be there for about 3-4 months but month after we moved in Hubby deployed for Africa, and I was a MESS! I stayed in MS for another 2 weeks packing up again. My Momma came and helped me put most of our things in a storage place in MS and the rest came back to Texas with me. The next 8 months we a blast for me and some of my close friends....but I needed my brand new husband.