August 2, 2012

A Whirlwind Romance

So after that first week, I think it's safe to say we both believed we were dating. We wanted to spend as much time together as possible. Living an hour away from each other and both of us having demanding jobs was difficult, but we made it work, clearly. Over the next 3 months we were together a lot. I would even spend some weekends at his parents' house with him and he would come visit mine on a few weekends. We met each other's friends and family and started to think about our life together.

The boy enlisted in the Navy before I met him. So the date of his departure for bootcamp was looming. We were trying to figure out our relationship and whether it was going to work out. By the time he left, we were already very much in love and planning a future.

He left in early July and would be gone for 2 months at bootcamp near Chicago. His family had already invited me to come along for his bootcamp graduation and a fun weekend in Chicago in early September.

It would be another 2 months before we would see each other again, since he was leaving for A-school in Missouri immediately after graduation.

During his A-school time, he and I had already decided we were getting married. We had no idea when. So being the young enough girl I was, friends started helping me wedding plan even though we weren't engaged yet. Needless to say, I found a dress. The boy and I had a conversation over the phone about when we could get married. We knew he would be home for a short amount of time in November after A-school graduation before he would be posted to Gulfport, MS. And then his first deployment was scheduled for early 2009.

So we set a date. Keep in mind that this was late September when we "got engaged" over the phone. We chose November 21, 2008. A Friday night. Two days after his A-school graduation. A week and a half before he was to report to Gulfport. The next 2 months were intense wedding planning.

We only had 7 weeks to throw together our dream wedding...

 to be continued...

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