July 31, 2012

Is It Just Me or Is This Crazy?

To pick up where we left off on our love story journey...the baseball game was fun, we left and went our separate ways home. Friend and I went to her apartment, and the boy and his dad went back to Prosper. An HOUR north.

Later that evening the boy texts me and asks what I have planned for the rest of the night. Keep in mind that this was a Tuesday and we all had work in the morning. Well, the boy decides to come hang out with us. And I'm FREAKING out. I don't know whether to think this is super cute and romantic, or absolutely crazy. I actually called my mom and asked her if she thought the boy was creepy and insane!

So the boy makes it to my friend's place and we hang out there for a bit and make the worst chocolate chip cookies in history. Then the boy and I go out for coffee. Long evening short, we grab some coffee and start talking and getting to know each other while driving around town. I got to show him where I grew up and went to school and worked. We had parked my car at a local park and had thrown a football around and hung out outside a while before the town tour. When we get back to the park to get my car so I can go home, the park was closed. Gates locked down. No way am I getting my car out. So the boy has to drop me off at my house and being the gentleman that he is, walked me to the door. And it was locked. So on our first unofficial "date" my mother has to come let me in at 2:00 in the morning and meet the boy.

The beginnings of relationships are always whirlwindy and exciting. So the next night we planned for me to come to Prosper and for him to show me around his world. A long and perfect evening involved watching a lightening storm, climbing a grain tower in said lightening storm, driving around the "country", flattening a penny on a train track, hugging a tree, playing at Dave & Busters, taking a picture in a photo booth, and just enjoying getting to know each other. I think it's safe to say that by the end of those two days we were in serious like with each other. Precious...I know.

That weekend I was scheduled to be a D-Now counselor at a church close to him, so when I finished up on Sunday afternoon, we met up and went to lunch with his dad (mom was in Africa at the time). After lunch he took me fishing! Something not entirely new to me, but it had been a while.

The next few weeks are more of a blur, but I will put up some old pictures to try and tell the story.

to be continued...

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