July 30, 2012

Begin the Begin

I'm a procrastinator...obviously. I haven't been sure of how to start this story, so I'm just going to lay it out there. It'll be messy, and I'm not the most eloquent of writers. Or a writer at all, really. But I suppose I can be an author. Especially an author of my own story, right? So here goes folks. It'll be interesting to see what the rest of the family and other parties involved think once I tell them this even exists.

So in January 2008 this mean boy broke my heart. So I thought. He really wasn't all that great. But I was at a point in my life where I had decided to quit dating just to date. I was ready to date for the future. I was ready to date to find love, which at this point I had never experienced. So this mean boy "breaks my heart". He wasn't ready for "future" dating.

When you are a young enough single girl and a boy breaks your heart, in step the most awesome of friends. The other young enough single girls. These girls are a part of every young enough girl's life. And they're even more awesome when you are a part of theirs too. Friendships run both ways. You're there for me...I'm there for you. Some of your friends cheer you up with glass seats that night at a stars game...which was awesome... Some of your friends set you up with your future husband.

Well the girl that actually introduced me to the mean boy, decided that after he broke my heart, she wanted to introduce me to another boy (we had yet to determine whether or not he was mean). So this awesome friend of mine wrote the new boy a message saying the she had found a wife for him. Which was interesting since he lived close to 1,000 miles away at the time. He said "neat, I don't live anywhere close to ya'll". Oh ye of little faith :).

Months go by...like 3. April rolls around and the new boy has since moved back to Texas. My friend and I finally make this meeting happen. I spent the weekend with her family and her and we went to church on Sunday like normal. And the boy was there with his family. His parents and her parents were friends, so I believe there was a little more conspiring than I'll get into here. So, we meet. And then we part ways and go home.

The boy messages my friend that evening asking for my number. Cute. The next day the boy texts me while I am at work and decides he'd like to get together and what are my plans for the week yada yada. Another friend and co-worker of mine and I were going to the opening day for the Rangers. Well wouldn't you know it, he and his dad were going too. We go to the game and close to the end of it we find them and meet up with them at their seats. And take a picture :). Which I will add later since I can't find it anywhere!

to be continued...

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