July 30, 2012

Big Brother's Wedding...and Rehearsal Dinner

So while I am trying to recall and relay my love story to you guys, I will slip in little random posts here and there. Like, crafting, daily life and thoughts, events, etc.

My lovely momma let me plan and execute my big brother's rehearsal dinner! I was super excited, especially since I had recently stumbled upon Pinterest. (My lifeline and mortal enemy.) With a couple months to plan, I was immediately researching and deciding on the perfect theme for the soon to be Mr. & Mrs.

Momma and I decided on a "classy tailgate" theme. Which was going to be fun and challenging because the groom went to OU and the bride A&M. And we were off. Hats off to Pinterest for doing most of the work :).

We knew where they wanted to have it, Blue Mesa, which was perfect for a more casual, but classy event. After tables and heads were counted we knew we'd need a few different types of centerpieces.

Burlap will take you a long way...

And with a few detailed touches, they ended up loving it! WHOOP! and uh..BOOMER SOONER!

The last picture is a board of 20 Things. I had the bride and groom send me 20 things they each loved about the other. This ended up being really sweet.

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