February 2, 2012

Told you...

I said I was going to be terrible about this. This writing all the time thing. First and foremost, I'm not a writer. I've never claimed to be one. So again, this will be a whenever I feel like it/ remember that I have one of these occurences. On to it...

So my tiny bit it now a tiny bit walker! She's all over the place! And at 18.5 pounds (yeah she's super petite) she looks like a doll walking around the house. Which is a little unnerving. But alas, she'll grow. So this week she was diagnosed with RSV. Kinda scary, but she's doing ok. I'm keeping her quarantined for now so other little chitlins don't get sick!

We are starting to plan her FIRST BIRTHDAY! Super excited, and since Cooper is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, we are doing a Minnie Mouse theme! Without any ACTUAL Minnie Mouse since I hate brands. Crafting, DIYing and pictures to come!

Meanwhile, planning my brother's fiances' bridal shower and then the rehearsal dinner has had my plate full! The shower is over and I will put some pictures up (incase anyone is actually reading this). The wedding is in 8 days!!! So we are all getting very excited. I'll keep you posted...whoever you are. :)

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