August 28, 2017

Copeland's First Birthday

Hello summer baby...?

Not used to having one, so this first birthday theme was a little harder to wrap my head around! The bigs' birthday are in colder months so this was so fun to plan!
We decided to get a big water slide since so many of our friends and family's kids are older than Copeland. And July in Texas is a beating, so I wanted to find a way for everyone to cool off!

Cue all of the summer things...

 Snow Cone Cupcakes!!
 Fun Cookie Sticks
 Water Color Smash Cake

August 27, 2017

Copeland | One Year

To say this past year has been busy would be the worst understatement. To prove it, you can see that the last post I did on this sad, sad blog was in October of last year! She was only 2 months old then!

So here goes....introduction and a sum up of her first year.

Copeland Grey

On the way

Born: 7/31/16
9.0 lbs.
21.5 in.



Copeland did develop Brachycephaly or "flat head syndrome" early on. Our pediatrician recommended we see a specialist and Copeland was diagnosed, fitted and received her helmet fairly quickly around 6 months of age.
Long story short (since this could have been several posts all by themselves...) she made it through in about 3 months time and it good to go!
A sweet friend of mine designed and painted her helmet for us and we were so thrilled!
helmet design: Tis So Sweet Designs

This little girl has certainly made her mark on our family. We don't know what we'd do with out her. She has been a joyful, silly, sweet, cuddly, challenging end cap to complete our family!

We recently celebrated her 1st birthday with a big ol' splash party!
I'll do a follow up post with all of the party details!

We love you Copeland Grey! We're so blessed to be your family!